A Trip to Wales

I finished my Italy tour on the  29th September and even though I was due 6 days off, I had no intention of being idle.

I landed at Gatwick Airport and instead of heading back to my hometown Huddersfield, I travelled to Wales and the Ryder Cup. My other passion after travel is golf and I had a B & B booked for the 29th, a ticket for the practice day and opening ceremony at Celtic Manaor for the 30th and I even managed to arrange a lift home to Huddersfield afterwards.

I arrived at the B&B and rang the door bell and was in for a shock. The door was answered by a guy who looked like Uncle Albert from “Only Fools and Horses” – long white beard, dirty vest, trousers rolled up to the knees and no shoes and socks. Also no cheery smile like Uncle Albert but an unfriendly scowl.

I asked “Uncle Albert” to order me a cab for the tomorrow morning and he offered to take me to the Ryder Cup in his old fashioned, convertable, American car. I declined and asked how many guests were staying in the B&B and he replied in a scary voice  ”no guests here – just you”. I will certainly lock my door tonight.

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