About Me

Tour Guide Anita

I have had the travel bug since I was 9 years old, I was fortunate to travel a lot with my family as a child and then studied Languages at university.

Working as a ski rep in Austria after finishing my studies, I met my husband, Franz and stayed in Austria for 4 years. Whilst living in Austria, I started guiding day trips, in English and German, to various sights, including Vienna, Salzburg, Prague and much more. I soon learned that taking organised tours with Americans was much more fun.

I am a qualified High School teacher.

I take organised tours to Europe and Asia.

Every year is my last year doing this crazy job.

 Favourite Country –India

Favourite City – Vienna and Rome – can’t decide.

Best Travel experience – trekking in the Borneo Rain Forest.

Favourite sight – Taj Mahal.

My other addiction is golf.

I am a chocoholic and scared of spiders.

I used to go parachuting when I was a student.

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