Arriving in India

Arrived safely in Delhi and couldn’t believe that it was raining heavily. It never rains in October in Delhi. Luckily it. Stopped raining and we had a great afternoon and evening. I think everyone will sleep well tonight. Can’t wait for tomorrow, when we will visit Old Delhi and have a ricks haw ride. We will also visit the Mahatma Ghandi memorial, go shopping at a market and I am having a drinks party in my room in the evening.

Everyone seems very excited and happy and to be enjoying the experience so far. A great start.

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2 Responses to Arriving in India

  1. Michelle + Martine and families says:

    Glad you arrived safely :)

  2. Janet Barlow says:

    Happy holiday to Michael and Alison.Very glad you are nowhere near the cyclone that has been well reported here over the last two days.
    Janet and Robertxx

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