Baby Taj Mahal

Today is Friday and we have the whole day in Agra, but the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays, so we will have to go there tomorrow before our 7 hour drive back to Delhi. It means we have some free time today. This morning we visited The Red Fort and did some shopping. At the fort one of my clients told me that she needed 2 disposable cameras, urgently. It may seem like a strange request but in India, anything is possible. I told a young hawker that we needed the cameras the off he ran, appearing 5 minutes later with 2 cameras – only in India! 

Agra Fort

The afternoon was officially free but I felt bad for the group having missed so much already so we took them to the “Baby Taj Mahal”, another tomb made from marble. Two of my clients got sick and threw up over the baby Taj Mahal – it is a good job that I can move fast otherwise it would have been all over my feet. 

Baby Taj Mahal

Some travel programmes on TV recommend seeing the Taj Mahal from the other side of the River Yamuna, so I ventured off there with my group. The light was good and the Taj Mahal looked as magical as ever but don’t believe those travel programmes that say it is a better view over the river – it isn’t. Walking through the main gate and seeing the Taj Mahal in all its glory can not be more beautiful. 

Taj Mahal from River Yamuna

My clients seemed to be falling like flies, but half the group were keen to go to the bazaar with me. I was a little tired but had promised to take them there – without me they would not have ventured into this locals area. The coach dropped us on the way back to the hotel and the clients enjoyed all the life of this colourful area. I managed to organise 5 tuk tuks for the journey back to the hotel, which was a fun ride.


At dinner a lady from my group fainted. They really are dropping like flies.

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