Being a Tour Guide – Work or Holiday?

Many people ask me what I do, as a tour guide and seem to think I am one long holiday. It is a nice job but can be very difficult and hard work.
So what exactly do I do? On the first day of a tour, I meet the clients at the airport, take them to the coach and take them to the first hotel. Sometimes if the arrival is early then I have to keep the group occupied until the rooms are ready.
Planning and preparation are everything and I have to reconfirm everything on tour – meals, hotels, local guides, coaches, sights. Always one step ahead.
I have to make sure the clients know where to be and when – communication is the key.
I tell the clients about the places visited. History, current information and stories.
Making sure the clients know how to get the most of any free time is also important.
If the clients aren’t happy, then I have to deal with it and sort out any problems. Some clients complain a lot. And I have to deal with that. Some clients ask a lot of questions.

Every day s different and things can go wrong. Some tours are a breeze and some tours are a struggle.

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