Birthday in Jaipur

We started today with a jeep ride up to Amber Fort – the original town was here but because it was in a valley it was impossible to expand to a new city was built – Jaipur.

Amber fort is a hive of activity and I can just imagine the Maharajas and elephants here. When we arrived back to the coach my driver, mty driver’s helper and my guide all put garlands over my head and said happy birthday before throwing petals over me and giving me some Indian sweets. Lovely and so kind of them.  Then I help the hawkers sell there stuff on the bus – they all shout chachi chachi help me chachi.

During our time we visited the room of the ladies of the Maharaja and some Indian girls joined us for a photo – they wanted some money for it. They only know one word of English and that is “money”. I gave them a few rupees. Don’t know where that Japanese girl came from though.

We enjoyed lunch at the Raj Palace which is one of my favourite spots – chicken Tikka sandwiches. Then we went out onto the lawn for a puppet show which had everyone in hysterics or should I say that Sue Newman started giggling and it was so contagious taht the whole group couldn’t stop laughing. Don’t know what the puppet walla made of us.

We were back at the hotel in time for a few hours chill out before my next drinks party in my room, followed by a birthday barbeque.

The girls put a lot of work into the decor and I needed help from one of the hotel receptionists to put my sari on for the occasion – 6 metres of silk held together with just one knot. What does a half Indian half Yorkshire girl wear under her sari? Her shorts!!!


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  1. Michelle + Martine and families says:

    Happy birthday Anita :)

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