Borneo Day 10 – Rain Forest

Got a 7 am flight to Lahad Datu today and then we travelled 3.5 hours by jeep to the Borneo Rain Forest Lodge. Now, this part of the tour does scare me because I have heard about all the leeches, spiders and other insects and creatures here.

I managed to get through most of the day without seeing anything too scary, but after dinner we were due to have a night safari. I was just speaking to one of my clients when something on a thread appeared between us – I never moved so quickly in my life to escape whatever it was. I then looked back to see what it was and just saw a ball hanging on a thread. I said “What IS that?” and as I said it, the thing seemed to hear me and opened up. It was the biggest spider I have ever seen. The hotel staff chased it away.

Next one of the hotel staff appeared with a long, yellow snake, that he had found in the hotel grounds – it was a cat eyed, dog toothed snake. Anyway, he was trying to get the clients to hold it. I advised my group not to, but then one of my clients decided he wanted to hold the snake and it bit him on the hand. The good news was that it was only semi-venomous and that was also the bad news. Even if we wanted to, there would be no way to get my client to a hospital, as the dirt track we travelled along to get here is now sheer mud after all the rain.

This Cat Eyed Dog Toothed Snake Bit my Client

Donny, my naturalist here, has rubbed the bite with a leaf and told me to tell the client not to panic!! Anyway luckily my client lived to tell the story.

The nightmare continued on the night safari as a huge white moth hit me in the face and by the time I got back to my room, I was a complete and utter nervous wreck. Now I know what being afraid of your own shadow means and I was very jumpy. I then opened a cupboard and 2¬†geckos ran out and up the wall, giving me the fright of my life. I decided to let the 2 geckos stay in my room, as they do keep the spiders and bugs away and I even named them¬†”Ant and Geck”!

On top of all that the noises in the rain forest are deafening! My first few hours here had certainly been an adventure.

Tomorrow we have a pre breakfast trek to our next canopy bridge.

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