Borneo Days 12/13 – River Safaris

Left the rain Forest behind today and headed for the Kinabatang River Lodge, where we will spend 2 nights. We have been without television for the last 2 nights and actually it is really nice to get away from things. I have been on the internet though and keep reading about this volcanic ash that has stopped all the flights in Europe. I am sure it will be fine in 3 days when we are due to fly home.

Our lodge can only be reached by boat and is fairly basic but ok.

Did 3 river safaris here – that means we went out on small boat, spotting the wildlife. Saw some nice animals.

On our first safari we saw the famous Borneo probiscis monkey. The dominant male probiscis monkey has a big red nose, big red belly and a big red penis, that my guide refers to as Borneo’s red hot chilli pepper!!

Probiscis Monkey

We were also very lucky to see an orangutan in the wild – mother and baby up a tree.

On our last safari, my guide informed me that he had heard about some Borneo pygmy elephants a long way down the river and did we want to go and have a look for them. Of course we did.

We really struck lucky and came across a whole herd of Borneo pygmy elephants, crossing a tributary of the river. Amazing. These smallish elephants are really only found in Borneo and we watched the herd crossing the river, one by one, for about an hour. The males, the females, young and old, mothers with babies. Some had difficulty getting out of the river as it was very muddy and slippery. Many of the babies did not want to go in the river at all, so had to be pushed in and helped out by their mothers.  Watching these lovely, intelligent creatures in their natural habitat was just incredible.

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