Borneo day 4 – Long House and Canopy Bridge

Did a pre breakfast trek to see the sunrise, with a guide and his machette. After Breakfast we set of in long speed boats for the Long House to see how the locals live. Yesterday we had stopped to buy presents for the families living in the long house.

The long house was interesting – 35 families live in each house and each family has a kind of appartment with living room, kitchen and bedroom.Then there is a communal area for everyone. The families share a lot and there is also a chief. It is very harmonious. The children are sent off to school during the week and return at weekends and holidays.

We watched some tribal dancing and then the chief gave us some rice wine and rice whiskey. Before drinking this very potent stuff we had to raise our glasses and shout “oooh aaah” three times. When in Rome, hey.

Long House

It is very hot and even hotter in the long house. One of my clients, a lady on her own, was not feeling good yesterday and looked to be getting worse today. She was sitting on the floor of the long house, almost passed out. We agreed that she should go back to the hotel, so I arranged for a boat to take her back.

The rest of us took the long boats to another part of the river where we had a barbeque lunch and swam in the river. Well, I swam in the river and the clients relaxed. It was nice swimming in the river but very difficult to get out as the river bank was very muddy and I kept slipping – I ended up covered in mud. Talk about mud wrestling.

Our last activity for today was a short trek to a canopy bridge, which is attached to the trees with knots – not a single screw or nail is used. The bridge moves as you walk on it. Pretty scary!

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