Borneo Day 4/5 – All Night at the Hospital

I have just got back to the hotel and it is 7 am. The lady who is sick took a turn for the worse and we had to take her to the hospital. I got the call at around 11.30 pm – I was just dreaming that there was a snake outside my room (well we are in the jungle). As I mentioned before, the rooms are in blocks here and I had to get myself from block 5 to block 9 in the darkness of the night and let me tell you this place is a whole new world in the middle of the night! There were literally hundreds of huge flying beetles and I had to run and keep ducking to avoid them. My client was really sick and in a lot of pain and she seemed to know what was wrong with her. A guy from reception came to her room also and we all decided to get the client to hospital – the only thing is, we are deep in the jungle. The nearest hospital is an hour by boat and 2 hours drive away. No ambulances here!

The jetty is about 700 metres from the rooms and normally we would walk this but my clients was very sick so the hotel brought a small truck, with just one passenger seat which obviously the sick old lady took and I should have walked down to the jetty but with all the giant flying killer beetles and other huge insects and creatures, I decided to climb into the back of the truck and get a ride.

Many people think my job is glamorous and like one long holiday, but let me tell you, it certainly isn’t and if anyone saw me there at midnight crouched in the back of the truck, I think they would believe me.

It took 3 hours to get to the hospital and they have kept my client in. I have given all the releveant information to her insurance company and to my company. I just had time to have a shower and check out of the hotel.

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