Borneo Day 8 – Mount Kinabalu

Packed another overnight bag, left our luggage at the hotel and headed for the Kinabalu National Park. Mount Kinabalu is Malaysia’s highest mountain. The views today were just fantastic.

Mount Kinabalu

Today’s highight was the visit to the Poring Hot Springs. Well, the springs are nice but the real reason for the visit is the trek up to our next canopy bridge. It was a hike of 500 metres uphill so some of the clients struggled, but all of them made it. The bridge itself is in 5 sections and only 6 people are allowed on each section at a time. The drop is about 300 metres.

There is something about the sensation of stepping onto a bridge that sinks about 15 centimetres as soon as you have your full weight on it. My group of fairly old people had already gone and I really felt like chickening out but on the other hand felt that I should walk the canopy bridge because my group had and I did not want to lose my street cred. Once I started, I was terrified but there was no turning back as it was a one way system. After each section there was a kind of platform on a tree. As I reached the end of the first section, I realised that the first platform was full. Someone had frozen with fear on the next section and so everyone had to wait. One of my clients was rocking the bridge and my guide, aware of my fer of spiders kept telling me that I had a spider on my leg.

Canopy Bridge

I think everyone, including myself, had a great sense of achievement  after completing the 5 sections of the bridge. It really was a great experience.

Me on the Canopy Bridge

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