Catching up and Real India

Well this group have kept me busy – most of them are my friends so of course I have spent longer with them and socialised later than I would on a regular tour.
So time now to catch up as I have missed a few days. Udaipur was stunning and our first stop in Rajasthan the land of the Kings and Maharajas; land of twirly moustaches and turbans. Udaipur is the city of lakes and our hotel was on the former lands of the Maharajas.

On a tour like this, it would be easy to just see monuments, palaces and luxury hotels. All very nice but I believe that most people travelling nowadays want to see the real country and exoerience local life. We had a free afternoon in Udaipur so I gave everyone the choice of coming out to the vegetable and spice market or staying at the hotel. Some were tired so stayed back but most came with me to the market and what an experience. Firstly we had to cross the road with motorbikes, rickshaws, cows and cars coming at us from all directions. The sounds, colours, smells made our senses come alive and the whole thig looked just like a Bollywood set. It was hard for them all to take everything in.

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