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Happy New Year

Great party at the golf club last night. I did try to behave but I just have this party animal inside me just wanting to get out.


 My hair stylist, Rachel, did my hair and I overdid it with the red and gold hairspray.

Too Much Red

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More Snow

Fixby Hall


Had a walk over the golf course today – it is very cold and I am missing the warmth of Asia. 

Putting Green Closed

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It is still snowing here.

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Keep Travelling

I have been home from India for almost a week now and I have finally adjusted to UK time and shaken off the Delhi belly. It was a bit of a shock to arrive home and find the country enveloped in snow and I am already missing the tropical sun of Asia. The Golden Triangle India tour was my last of the year.

It has been a tough year for the Travel Industry. The effects of the credit crunch go without saying. We started 2010 with freezing snow closing some airports and disrupting travel for many. The volcanic ash episode was certainly a first and agin left many stranded and unable to travel. The BA strike led to further disruptions. However, even with all of that going on, I have had a very busy year and am happy to see that people have not been put off travelling.

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At Home

I arrived home from Malaysia on the 8th November and am enjoying a well earned break. In 2 days I am heading back to India to lead a 10 day tour. I am really not looking forward to another long haul flight. My husband, Franz, is at home and that feels strange as he is also a Tour Guide and we are literally ships that pass in the night. I’ve hardly seen him since the beginning of September.

I caught up with my friends and family and I have managed to play a bit of golf, even though the weather is pretty awful. I went to a dinner at the golf club last night and picked up a trophy. The Lady Captain at the golf club has asked me to do a presentation/slide show about my life on tour. I think I will concentrate on India.

 I had a golf lesson last week and feel lucky and privilaged to have lessons with Parnell Reilly, who was Captain of the PGA (Professional Golfers Association) for the whole of Britain and Ireland for 2 years (2007 – 2009). He taught Colin Montgomerie when he was younger and he must have a whole lot of patience to teach me. Thanks to him, my golf has improved immensely and I have also had my photo taken with the Ryder Cup, though one of my clients told me it must have been a fake – what an insult, it was definitely the real Ryder Cup!

I’m trying not to get too comfortable at home, as before I know it I will be on that plane and another nightflight. It is the end of the year and  a difficult time because I really feel burnt out. In a way that brings out the best in me as I know I have to put even more effort into the tour. The thought of more flights and hotel rooms does not appeal to me. I actually really love being out and about with the clients and showing them the different destinations, talking and telling stories, but wish I could go home every night. Hotel rooms are impersonal, lonely places and sometoimes I haven’t got a clue which country I am in when I wake up. But then again I am very lucky to be doing this wonderful job.

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My Latest Tour

I  have just completed a tour of India on so please do follow my journey around this incredible country by following my India Blog. Below are some photos taken during this amazing tour. 

Ganges at Dawn


Udaipur City Palace

Taj Mahal

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A Trip to Wales

I finished my Italy tour on the  29th September and even though I was due 6 days off, I had no intention of being idle.

I landed at Gatwick Airport and instead of heading back to my hometown Huddersfield, I travelled to Wales and the Ryder Cup. My other passion after travel is golf and I had a B & B booked for the 29th, a ticket for the practice day and opening ceremony at Celtic Manaor for the 30th and I even managed to arrange a lift home to Huddersfield afterwards.

I arrived at the B&B and rang the door bell and was in for a shock. The door was answered by a guy who looked like Uncle Albert from “Only Fools and Horses” – long white beard, dirty vest, trousers rolled up to the knees and no shoes and socks. Also no cheery smile like Uncle Albert but an unfriendly scowl.

I asked “Uncle Albert” to order me a cab for the tomorrow morning and he offered to take me to the Ryder Cup in his old fashioned, convertable, American car. I declined and asked how many guests were staying in the B&B and he replied in a scary voice  ”no guests here – just you”. I will certainly lock my door tonight.

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Ryder Cup Practice

Padraig Hrrington

Had a great time at Celtic Manor, watching the stars play golf. Loved every minute! 

Bought a flag and got half the European team’s autographs. The opening ceremony was amazing. 

I even had a chat with team Captain Colin Montgomerie. 

Monty with some of his team at the practice day

Graeme MacD

Eighteenth Green

Opening Ceremony

Sleeping Tiger

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Being a Tour Guide

Most people imagine my job as a tour guide is like one long holiday. Well, I hate to disappoint but it really is not. Maybe after reading my on tour blogs you will see not only how much joy I get from travel but also what hard work being a Tour Guide is and how different each day is.

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