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My Tour Guide Blogs

See how diverse my every day life as a Tour Guide is by checking out my former travel blogs.
No two days are the same and you can hear how one of my clients got bitten by a snake in Borneo, our hotel was flooded in India, I got stuck on a boat in Venice, I lost my laundry in India, or just enjoy spectacular photos of the great sights we visit. Take a look at my China Blog  and see how I got stuck on a balcony in Sri Lanka. Or simply check my Travel Tips.
I have also done after dinner speaking and slideshow presentations about my travels. Golf and tennis clubs and the Women’s Institute are among my venues. Book me for your event.


Visit my special pages on Incredible India and see the work I am doing to help deprived Indian schools, which includes School Twinning and taking used lap tops to the schools.

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Exclusive India Tour

Indian School

Follow my next tour as I take a group of friends to India

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China Blog

Enjoy my China Blog and see how my latest tour of China and Hong Kong went, as I took a group of British clients on a tour of China. Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Xian, Guilin were visited on mainland China and finally Hong Kong. The Great Wall of China, Forbidden City, the Terracotta Warriors, Chinese culture and natural beauty were experienced. In October I will head to Incredible India to discover more magical sights and in November my destination is Sri Lanka.

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Communist Cuba

Join me on my recent tour of Cuba and experinece a Communist country, where the people are anything but Communist. Havana was truly like a time warp with 1950′s American cars, such as Chevrolets and Buicks;  Russian Ladas and rickshaws on the streets. Of course the colonial Spanish influence is still to be seen, with fine buildings and squares. All this with the music scene and artists make Havana an amazing city. The countryside where cowboys ride around on horseback and the beaches make for a fabulous experience.

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