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Computer Corner

Started the day at the “Indian Computer Centre” where we picked up some nice desks for the new computers that we have installed in the poor school in Sawai Madhpur. I went by jeep and was told to wait 5 minutes – 5 Indian stretchable minutes later (half an hour) the guys arrived and put the desks plus one new computer on the jeep and off we went.

Computer Centre

Until now the computers have been on rickety tables so we have tidied


things up and created a Computer corner in the school which should prove to be a great place for the school kids to learn and make use of the 3 computers. I am very pleased with it all.

Computer Corner Now

Not only was I pleased with the look of the new computer corner but even more pleasing was the way the children went up to the computers and started using them and were obviously comfortable with it.

When I installed the first computer there over a year ago, those kids had never seen or touched a real computer before and now they all look so proficient with it all. It put my mind at ease and was a very satisfying moment for me as there had always been a doubt in my mind as to whether the computers were beneficial to the children and whether they were being put to good use. It all seemed so worthwhile and those who have donated can now know that their generosity has made a difference to these kids. Amazing, incredible.
I went back to the hotel and returned with my latest group. They thoroughly enjoyed the visit to the school.

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Indian and Britain – School Twinning

Indian School Children

Two of my clients had the idea of twinning Indian schools with British schools. Hopefully it would benefit both British and Indian school children and the teachers. The clients, after a lot of searching, found a British primary school ready to be twinned and get involved. 2 weeks agao, I headed of to India for my last tour of 2011 Continue reading

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Helping India’s Street Kids

Many of my clients have asked me, at the end of an India Tour, how they can help India’s poor, especially the children. I also felt that I wanted to help, so did some research and got into contact with a NGO (Non Government Organisation) in the city of┬áJaipur,┬ácapital of the state of Rajasthan.

The NGO is I-Indiaonline (website ).

The founders Prabhakar and Abha Goswami, Continue reading

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