Coach Crash in Budapest

My driver relies totally on his Sat Nav and refused to listen to my directions to the hotel as we arrived in Budapest. This resulted in us going all the way around the city in heavy traffic unnecessarily and wasting at least half an hour.

We finally arrived at the road where our hotel was situated and it was very very narrow. It was a tight turn and my driver had to reverse and in doing so crashed into a car. He actually didn’t realise and it was only when a man came to the coach and was shouting and swearing in Hungarian that he realised he had hit a car. The coach was stuck – we could turn left or right as the corner was too tight; we couldn’t go straight on as the road was too narrow and we couldn’t reverse as ,by now, there was a huge traffic jam behind us – all sounding their horns and swearing in Hungarian. What a nightmare.

I could see the hotel so decided to walk my group there and let the driver sort this mess out. So we unloaded the luggage in the middle of the road with everyone in the traffic jam swearing in Hungarian and sounding their horns.

All in all an exciting day!

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