Computers for Indian School

Giving computers to two poor Indian Schools and seeing the children’s faces was better than seeing the Taj Mahal. I have been working on this for months and originally wanted to give used laptops to the schools, but after Paul Hughes of Standard Wool, Huddersfield donated £1000 to buy new computers, I did the research and bought two laptops from the UK and one desktop in India. I have also paid for a teacher to teach computing to the teachers at these schools as they have also never used a computer before.  I honestly believe gaining computer skills or even just learning how to use a keyboard could really make a difference to the future of these children and give them more prospects of employment.

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2 Responses to Computers for Indian School

  1. Suzan Paris says:

    Hi Anita, What a great time we had ! this was a memorable day when we visited the school, the children were great it was also nice to visit their village afterwards, what a happy crowd they were and so friendly.
    Still reliving the whole trip, Taj Mahal was magical, the Tiger amazing!
    Titan seems like a great company to travel with and we shall definately use them again, we enjoyed your company and appreciated your knowledge on all- things-Indian.
    Keep up the good work !
    Best Wishes
    Sue Paris

  2. vipul jain, naturalist says:

    Thanks Anita for your perfect guiding to make tour memorable and your all guest so happy to see real India VILLAGE LIFE. thanks your group to gifted computers & laptop to local school. the students doing very good and all villagers are very happy.

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