Old Delhi and the Red Fort
The Red Fort is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and was constructed by the Mughal Emperor Shahjahan, who among other sites built the Taj Mahal. This huge complex was used as the residence of the Royal Mughals for almost 200 years until it they were exiled by the British in 1857. From then until Indian Independence the British used it as a military camp. It is very pleasant and peaceful to walk around the grounds of the Fort and you can also enjoy as small bazaar.                

Chandni Chowk                

Between the fort and India’s largest Mosque are the narrow winding streets of Old Delhi’s main market and bazaar. I would definitely recommend taking a cycle Rickshaw through these narrow lanes – is definitely the best way to get a feel of this vibrant area. Agree a price before you start – about 200 rupees per rickshaw for a ride through the lanes should be fine.

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