Facts About India

Here are some amazing facts about India.
India has the second largest population in the World after China (1.3 billion). This means that one sixth of the world’s population is Indian.
With a population of 1.18 billion India is the largest democracy in the World.
India is a secular country – any religion is welcome and accepted.
The World’s largest movie industry is in India – Bollywood makes more films than Hollywood.
India has 28 states, 18 official languages and over a thousand dialects.
India became independant from the British on 15th August 1947. At this time the partition of India occured – the country was split into India and Pakistan. Pakistan was to be Muslim and India secular. About 10 million people had to move because of this.
East pakistan became Bangladesh in 1974.
80% of Indians are vegetarian.
Trigonometry and Calculus were both invented in India, as was the abacus. India also had the first decimal system.
Mahatma Gandhi is still known as the Father of the nation.
India is hoping to become the World’s fastest growing economy, but 300 million people have been left behind by the economic boom and live in poverty, without clean water.

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