From Russia with Love

I am embarking on a new tour to Moscow and St Petersburg, both new destinations for me. I have done my homework and will have Russian local guides throughout. I was picked up at 02.45 a.m. this morning for my journey down to Heathrow for my flight to Moscow.

The flight was late and we arrived in Moscow late. Immigration took forever and it was very crowded – I was really worried about getting my 36 clients together. It took 2 hours to gather the group with their luggage  and get them out to arrivals. As a Tour guide the first day is always tough.

It really has been a hell of a day. The journey to the hotel through the Moscow traffic took another 2 hours and check in at the hotel was slow. My group had dinner at the hotel – buffet at 10 pm. They ran out of food – perfect end to the day!

St Basil's Church on Red Square

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