Golden Triangle – Traffic

I had my reservations about doing Old Delhi on the first day, as it is a bit much for the clients to take in straight after the flight. However the other part of the programme includes New Delhi, a tomb for a Moghul Emperor and Qtab Mnar, a Moghul Tower. Our local agent informed me, that Qtab Mnar is one hour closer to Jaipur than Old Delhi so I agreed to do New Delhi today. This morning I found out that there was a half marathon taking place and all of New Delhi was closed, so we had to miss that out - not even one day into the tour and we have missed out 2 items from the itinerary. We tried to get to the other 2 sights but encountered road block after road block and it took ages to get to these 2 wonderful attractions.

Moghul Emperor Humayun's Tomb

Qtab Mnar


It then took nearly 8 hours to get to Jaipur. The road was terrible and full of trucks. Sometimes there were 4 lanes of trucks all trying to merge into one lane, literally hundreds of trucks, sounding the horn. The journey was certainly an adventure for the clients and they saw a lot of life.

I think after such a long day we will all sleep well tonight.

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