Great Wall

Don’t go to the Great Wall of China on a Sunday!! That’s what my Beijing local guide tells me as we are on our way to the Great Wall of China and yes, it is Sunday. We are stuck in traffic and have been for the last 2 hours. It has taken us 3 hours to do a journey that normally takes 1 hour and are still nowhere near the Great Wall.
Our programme for today was to spend a couple of hours at the wall and then drive to the Ming Tombs for an included lunch and to see the tombs. We didn’t arrive at the wall until 12.30, so I have managed to make some changes and we can have lunch near the wall and then free time and then we will see if we have time for the Ming Tombs. The most important thing today is that the clients have enough time for the Great Wall of China.
In and around Beijing is very hazy because of the pollution and the good thing about arriving late to the wall is that the haze as cleared and it is about as clear as I have seen it.
Alls well ends well – the clients had a great day and were very happy.

Great Wall of China

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