Helping India’s Street Kids

Many of my clients have asked me, at the end of an India Tour, how they can help India’s poor, especially the children. I also felt that I wanted to help, so did some research and got into contact with a NGO (Non Government Organisation) in the city of Jaipur, capital of the state of Rajasthan.

The NGO is I-Indiaonline (website ).

The founders Prabhakar and Abha Goswami, a professor and teacher of sociology at Rajasthan University had been asked to do some research into street children in Jaipur, but the research seemed insufficient and soon the Goswamis were taking books, toys and food around the slums in a cycle rickshaw. This was the start of the school on wheels.

I-Indiaonline was soon founded and now they help 3,000 street kids in Jaipur every day. They have shelters for boys and girls; a schools on wheels; a shower on wheels; schools where the children are educated, learn a skill and play. Some of the time at school is spent making bags and jewellery , which are sold on location and online. Money from the sales of these bags and jewellery made at school is paid into bank accounts set up for the children. Infact every child gets such a bank account, so that when they leave the school they have some money, an education and hopefully a future.

I have visited I-Insia several times, with and without my groups and it is very moving and humbling to see the work they are doing. I try to spread the word as much as possible.



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