Hotel Paprika

After yesterday’s excitement, today should be straight forward. We have had a long journey to reach Budapest but are staying just one night, so this morning we checked out of the hotel before starting a city tour. Budapest is really beautiful and the weather is great.

After the city tour, I gave the group a couple of hours for lunch and shopping before we headed to Vienna.

I was going to have a break at one of the service stations on the Hungarian motorway but as the whole group were fast asleep, I decided to push on. I love it when the group sleep on the coach – peace and quiet.

By the time we reached the border, it was time to make a break. I hadn’t been this way for a long time and things can change. I spotted a Hotel Paprika just off the motorway and my driver agreed that this would be a good place to stop. Big mistake! when we arrived at the main entrance to Hotel Paprika, I realised that it was a brothel/ strip club. Those boys in my group all started to whislte and I told them to close their eyes and shut up. We made our exit and then made a break on the Austrian side of the border.

One of my clients fainted there but she was ok.

On to Vienna and dinner in the city centre before checking into the hotel for just one night.

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