India Tour Day 4 continued – The Maharaja’s Palace


Roop Singh the Maharaja's Former Servant

Roop Singh the Maharaja’s Former Servant

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  1. Kaushal Dholakia says:

    My father-in law Mr.Ravishankar Fulshankar Dholakia was the personal physician (Vaid) of Mahara Bhopal Singh of Udaipur, the last ruler.
    As mentioned by u that Mr. Roop Singh was his former servant so I would like to have his address because in my family no male member is alive and I am very anxious to know about my father in law ‘services to the last rular of Udaipur. My great father- in- law was his Ambessador to Nepal and Patiala maharajas.
    I am living in Mumbai for the last 70 years.My husband was Chief Pilot in Air India for 35 years and expired in 2010..
    Hope u will help me and oblige.

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