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As a Professional Tour Guide, India seems to be the country I visit the most. I am half Indian and do speak some Hindi. I love this Incredible, fascinating land, but I hate the poverty here. India is no longer a poor country. However around 300 million people in this huge country have missed out on the economic boom of the last decade.
75% of the 1,18 billion people live in the countryside and from agriculture. These people live from hand to mouth and have a tough existance. The villages are very basic, with the houses made af clay and even the roofs are made of cow dung. There is probably one waterpump in the village and maybe if the village is lucky a generator for some electricity.
The villagers are well off compared to the poor people living in India’s large cities. The Indians like large families and often can’t support all the children or give them work as they grow up, so many kids are sent to the cities to find work and fend for themselves.
Many in the cities live in slums, at the railway stations or even on the pavement.
So what is being done to help India’s poor? India still gets aid from the West and has a huge budget for education. But unfortunately India is a very corrupt country and the corruption is at every level, so money put aside to help is not being used accordingly.
Education is surely the key. India’s state schools are very basic and have little or no ressources. I feel I am in a position to help and these pages are about what I am doing.

Take the groups to the schools and villages
Help a Non Government Organisation i-indiaonline
Take used laptops to deprived Indian schools
Twinning British schools with Indian schools.
Education in India

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