India Golden Triangle – Arriving in Delhi

I have been in India for just a few hours and am struggling to do everything on the programme. We only have one night here and have a 6 or 7-hour drive to Jaipur tomorrow. It was a tough start to the tour for the clients, as straight after the night flight we checked into the hotel at 2.30 pm, had one hour to freshen up and have lunch and then departed for our first sightseeing tour at 3.30. It gets dark at 6pm so I have a couple of hours to show the clients Old Delhi and the Mahatma Gandhi memorial. It is Saturday and the traffic was crazy and the whole place chaotic – talk about culture shock. 

Street in Old Delhi

 We saw the biggest mosque in India and then took a rickshaw ride to the Red Fort, where we had a photo stop and waited for our coach to pick us up. 

Mosque in Delhi

Red Fort

The coach didn’t show up and by the time it did, it was dark so too late to go to the Gandhi Memorial. I think the driver must have got lost as we waited 40 minutes for the coach. Maybe we can go there tomorrow but I doubt it as we already have plenty to do before our long journey to Jaipur.

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