India Tour Day 2 – Arriving in Delhi

Touched down at Indira Gandhi Airport at 11 am after a terrible night in economy class. I had to get off that plane and try to look fresh and professional to meet my new group, who had travelled on the same flight as me.

I had a lot to say during the short transfer to our hotel, including the most vital information on how to stay healthy in India. I also had to explain about the tipping pool – each client should contribute ¬£30 or 2100 Indian Rupees and then I tip for the group for the whole tour. I will tip the drivers the drivers’ helpers (each coach has a driver and a helper), local guides, porters, hotel staff, park rangers, jeep drivers, boatmen, people who look after shoes at temples, rickshaw drivers……the list is endless. It is extra work for me but it is the best way to do it. It also ensures that the people who provide all these services are taken care of properly as many of them really do not have much and do rely on tips.

Got the group checked in and had time to a cuppa and a shower before heading off for a bit of sightseeing.

Started with New Delhi, built by the British and then on to a huge victory tower, Qutab Mnor built in 1190 by the Moghuls. Everyone managed to stay awake.

Dinner and an early night and hopefully I (and the clients) will be adjusted to the time difference tomorrow. All the clients have paid into the tipping pool – only ever had one client who refused and he was a doctor who said he couldn’t afford it. Amazing hey.

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