India Tour Day 3 – Rickshaws and Old Delhi

Slept really well and felt adjusted to Indian time this morning. I have a different local guide in each city on this tour and the Delhi guide, Ravi, seemed really good.

We started at the Red Fort which is like a city within a city and then had to discover the narrow lanes of Old Delhi. The best way to do this is by cycle Rickshaw so I cashed in 250 Rupees (about £3.50) per person paid the rickshaw drivers and off we went. The clients loved it and the rickshaw drivers got some work. The lanes are full of small shops and market stalls, with electric wires hanging down all over the place. Monkeys are crawling on the electric wires. Each area specialises, so one area is full of silk shops, one

Street Life in Old delhi

 area full of jewellery shops, one full of stationary shops. India has more shops per person than any other country and looking at the amount of shops on the lanes you would see why. In fact by law every shop has to specialise in something and that is why the supermarket has never really taken off here.

This morning went well and then we had a free afternoon. Tomorrow we will fly to Udaipur in Rajasthan.

Here in India we use a local agent to book all services including coaches, local guides, hotels, domestic flights, trains. They also send someone to help me check the group in at hotels and airports. I have to do all of this myself in Europe but here is Asia service is second to none. Yesterday we were met at the airport by a young man,Kuldeep, who works for this agent and he accompanied us to the hotel and helped me check the group in. This morning he appeared at the hotel with the local guide and he informed me that he would be doing the whole tour with us. His job on tour is to help me! The only thing that worries me is that we have 4 internal flights on this tour and Kuldeep will not be flying with us as his company will not pay for the flights. He has to take overnight trains instead, so now as I write this blog, poor Kuldeep is on an overnight train from Delhi to Udaipur and will meet us there tomorrow.

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