India Tour Day 5 – Too much help in Udaipur

Today we had a tour of Udaipur, known as city of lakes and palaces or Venice of the east and visited the Maharana’s City palace, nestling on the shore of Lake Pichola.

City Palace

I really felt that I had too many helpers today. I have 17 clients in the group and I have Kuldeep, my helper for the tour; Ganesh my driver; Mahindra the helper on the coach and Rajgat the helper for Udaipur and Rohit my local guide for Udaipur.

Only in India!

Rohit is an excellent guide.

Ganesh drives the coach.

Kuldeep is a general helper, among other things he gives out tickets and room keys. Today he saw me taking staples off some papers so took the papers and unstapled them. He also sorted out an Indian sim card for me and tops it up when needed. Nothing is too much trouble for him, but I feel bad because normally I would do all these things myself and because he has to take another night train tonight so he can meet us from our flight to Jaipur tomorrow. He is very sweet.

Mahindra gives out bottles of water and helps the clients on and off the coach.

Rajgat reconfirms our flights and tells the hotel what time we need wake up calls and meals.

I don’t feel comfortable having all these guys running around after my group and me but on the other hand they are all getting much valued work. If you don’t work in India, you don’t get paid. I get this feeling when I visit relatives in Mumbai, who have servants for everything. It just doesn’t feel right but as my relatives say, they are giving work to a poor person who would otherwise be out on the streets. But on the other hand, are the rich exploiting India’s poor by having all those servants?

View of our Hotel from the City Palace

In the meantime, we had a good day; we saw the palace and had a boat trip on Lake Pichola.

Sunset over Lake Pichola in Udaipur

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