India Tour Still Day 14

The clients enjoyed the experience on the ganges and we walked back to the coach seeing the town wake up and come alive. 


Varanasi Street Life

There is a lepper colony here in Varanasi and leppers wait at the side of the streets holding out tins for us to put money in. I am always prepared for this and the leppers recognise me and say “welcome back Chachi”. I put 50 rupees in each tin, discreetly, so I don’t attract the attention of other beggars and I am also very very careful not to touch the leppers. Again, I am deeply saddened that in the modern world that is the 21st century, leppers are on India’s streets. The leppers say “Thank you Chachi” and try to bless me but again I really don’t want any contact with them so move fast. 

We passed a soup and food kitchen, where poor people line up toget a free breakfast. 

Lining Up For Free Food

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