Indian Train and Bumpy Roads

Another early morning and our next train journey. We said goodbye to our driver Ram and his helper Rama – they have been excellent and like part of the group.

Today is a tough day for a Chachi (tour guide) – I have to make sure all the members of the group get on the train and make sure the porters put all the luggage on the train – that is what I call step one. Step two is making sure all the group members get off the train and that all the luggage is taken off the train by the proters. Then step three is getting all the luggage and group members from the platform to the coach at this busy railway station Jhansi

We had a lunch break in Orcha, which is a pilgrim town and full of ancient temples. The river life here is worth seeing as was the main colourful square with all the local life.

Then back on the road for a long coach journey to Khajaraho.



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2 Responses to Indian Train and Bumpy Roads

  1. Michelle + Martine and families says:

    Looks like you have had a wonderful time in India. Enjoy your last day and hope you all have a safe journey back.

  2. Deborah Sowden says:

    WOW!!! Just read through the blog and you look like you have had an amazing time!!! Looking forward to hearing all about it from mum and dad!!!!

    Have a safe journey home!


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