Italy Tour Day 3 – Theft in the night

Well, day 3 has already been quite eventful and it wasn’t over. I had dinner and went to bed early and was quickly in a deep sleep. I was dreaming that the phone was ringing and slowly realised that it wasn’t a dream and the phone was ringing. It was Franco, the receptionist telling me that there had been an incident and that someone had entered the room of a couple on my tour and unbolted and stolen the whole safe. It had happened while we were having dinner or after dinner while the clients were having a drink.

There was no sign of a break in and one suitcase was also missing – the perpertrator had obviously put the safe in the suitcase and rolled it through reception.

We called the police and 5 policemen arrived and took all the details. The clients had all their valuables, including passports, money, jewellery and credit cards in the stolen safe. I did my best to calm the clients down and cancelled the stolen cards. Got back to my room at about 2 am – all in the day of the life of a tour guide.

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