Italy Tour – Day 4 On the Move

Checked out of the hotel today and headed to Florence via Ferrara, a beautiful renaissance town and Bologne. By now the rest of the group have heard about last night’s theft and are pretty shocked.

During the break in Ferrara, I devised a plan to sort things out for the clients who had their safe stolen. It was Sunday (things always happen on a Sunday) so not much could be done today. Firstly we needed a police report, so I would take the clients to the police station in Florence the next day, while the rest of the group were on a tour with a local guide. I would also phone the British Embassy in Rome to find out what was needed to get temporary passports, so the clients could travel home.

The rest of the day is uneventful and the clients seem happy, but I am worried about checking into the hotel in Florence as it isn’t very nice and I know I will get loads of complaints.

Miraculously no one complained about the hotel – they all seemed happy with it. Early night tonight after last night’s events.

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