Italy Tour Day 7 – All Roads lead to Rome

Early start today for a fairly long day. Breakfast was chaos, as the whole restaurant was taken over by the 120 cyclists who have a big race today and are therefore demolishing kilos of pasta each for breakfast to set them on their way. No chance of a cappucino then. The porter took ages to bring the luggage down but we got away by 8am

Most of the group are really nice and enjoying the tour but about 4 couples have got together and decided it is up to them to complain and speak for the rest of the group. They are also pushing the nice, happy clients to complain. I have decided to try and put a lid on it today.

I told the group that I understood if they wanted to complain to me and that I welcome their feedback, but that they could only speak for themselves individually and not the whole group. I also pointed out how much is included in the tour and that even though they did not particularly like the hotels or food, the tour was actually good value for money, so good in fact that I had sent my parents on the tour. I finished my saying that, I was doing my best to show them beautiful Italy.

We breaked at Lake Trasimeno and some of the group came up to me to say what a great job I was doing and some looked sheepish. Maybe my talk worked.

Now off to Rome via Assisi, home of St Francis the patron saint of Italy and Orvieto pretty town built on top of a volcanic rock.

St Francis Basilica in Assis

Hills of Assis

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