It’s a Jungle out There

Our first drive through agricultural India today. The local life is so colourful and diverse. The markets, traffic, cows, goats, villages were all an eye opener.. So many Indian people haven’t got much and struggle to make ends meet even though they have such a basic existence but they are so friendly and smile and wave at us at every opportunity. Can’t help but love the people. Here in India the people accept what they have and get on with things – it’s all about the karma. Hindus believe that we are reincarnated. If you are good in this life – the next life will be better. If you are bad – you may come back as a cockroach.

On arrival in Ranthambore we have time for a quick check in and lunch before our first safari. I hope they see a tiger.

Just 5 of the group saw the tiger but we still have 2 safaris to go and this group have a good karma.

Love the hotel here – the whole set up is perfect and the group always enjoy it.

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