Capital  and largest city of the state of Rajasthan, founded in 1727 by Jai Singh the ruler of Amber up the road, this city is known as the Pink City, as the whole city was painted pink for a visit of the Prince of Wales back in 1853. Actually it is more like a terracotta colour. Below are some of Jaipur’s main sights.                 

City Palace                 

Grand former residence of the Maharajas and in fact the Maharaja, who these days has no power, and his family still live in the main part of the palace.  Much of the palace can be visited and you will find various museums here, including the textiles, weapons, a ceremonial hall and a craftsmen’s museum where the local crafts are shown and sold.                 

Jantar Mantar                 

Outside observatory – interesting when it is sunny. The Indians love astrology and astronomy.                 

Palace of the Winds                 

On the main street and bazaar of Jaipur, this palace is a façade. The ladies would have to sit behind this façade to watch parades and general life as they were not allowed to show their faces.                 


Just down the road from Jaipur, Amber Palace is a hive of activityand was the residence of the rulers until Jai Singh moved to newly founded Jaipur in 1727. Jeeps or elephants take you up to Amber Palace. The Palace itself is a maze of corridors and courtyards.
If you are taking the elephants up to Amber palace, then get there very early as the later you go the longer the queues are.

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