Jetlag in Shanghai

 Arrived in Shanghai this morning, gathered the group at the airport, checked into the hotel and headed straight out for lunch and sightseeing. The group and I are all tired but it is better to keep busy and awake until after dinner. So we hit the floor running.
Our first Chinese lunch. Most lunches are included and are set menus. We sit at tables for 10 or 8 peaople and several Chinese dishes are brought to the table. The food is basic and does not resemble the meals served in Chinese restaurants back home, which is mainly Cantonese.
Shanghai has really grown up over the last 20 years after the reforms of 1990 and for the World Expo of 2010. The city has a real buzz to it and the skyline is absolutely amazing, with skyscrapers with 90 floors. We had a cruise on the river and discovered the famous Bund.

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