Kremlin and Moscow Underground

Rainy day at the Kremlin but really good. Then I took the group around the famous Moscow underground. It was just 28 Roubles for a ticket (about 1 GBP) and the underground is like an art gallery. Just amazing. We just saw 2 stations but every station is different with paintings and mosaics. Spent a couple of hours at the shopping street, Arpad, though to be honest it was pouring with rain so I just sat in McDonalds for 2 hours and sorted out the train tickets for the group for this evening’s train to St Petersburg.

The Russian high speed train was modern and state of the art and when we got off the train at St Petersburg there was loud Russian music playing to get us in the mood.

Checked into the hotel and we had dinner included at the hotel tonight at 9.30pm. I always go and check out the tables for my group beforehand. I was quite shocked to see that we were due to eat right in the middle of a speed dating event in a huge beer hall. Nothing I could do and at least my group had a sense of humour. Actually the Russian speed dating was quite entertaining. Another late finish.

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