Las Terrazas

Departed Havana for the countryside. Our hotel in Havan was amazing and all my clients loved it. Now I have to prepare them for the hotels in the countryside, which are basic and have mostly been built by the Russians in the 1960′s.
Our first stop was Las Terrazas – an eco friendly town, founded by Castro in 1961. 1000 people live here and they are more or less self sufficient. This to me seems like real Communism. Everyone working together for their own community. The guide who showed us around is from here and her father was one of the first people to work on this project in 1961. The accommodation is basic – my clients have compared it to Butlins – but it is ok and the residents in this community pay no rent. Life is simple but all have enough to eat. We had lunch on a terrace overlooking the valleys. Simple Cuban food. A local band entertained us and they were excellent. All members of this community.

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