Borneo Day 11 – Leeches and Canopy Bridge

Amazingly, despite the adventures last night, I slept well. This morning we had our first trek in the rain forest and I did advise my clients to invest in some leech socks. So we had to wear long trousers tucked into the leech socks and boots over the socks.    

Borneo Rain Forest Lodge


It was an easy stroll to the canopy bridge. The bridge itself, was more stable than the other 2 canopy bridges on the tour and the views amazing. It had rained in the night and first thing this morning it was quite cloudy, but as we arrived at the bridge it cleared and the sun came out.    

Canopy Bridge in the Rain Forest


Huge Tree in the Rain Forest


 You can’t describe the sounds and sights of the rain forest – just being here is incredible and an experience in itself.  Everything is big here – the trees, the leaves, the insects…   

After returning to the hotel for a hearty breakfast, we set off for a big trek - ”The Coffin Trail”.      

Despite everything that happened last night and my fear of spiders and any type of creepy crawlies. I am loving the experience of being in the rain forest.    

Borneo Tiger Leech


 We spotted a few tiger leeches – I always thought leeches were black and round but the Borneo tiger leeches are stripey and quite cute.    

The coffin trail takes us up to a view point and is named so because in the old days the tribes had their coffins up here. To see the coffins we had to climb up a ladder. The group are pretty adventurous and all of them managed the trek. We had 3 naturalists/guides with us as if anyone needed to opt out at any stage, they would have a guide to accompnay them back to the hotel.    

The final part of the coffin trail is very steep and there is a rope to hang on to. As we arrived at the top the rain came. It never rains in the morning but today the heavens opened. It was strange as at the viewpoint, we were actually above the rain and looking down onto the rain forest and the storm. 

View Point


My guide got nervous and said it was dangerous to be up in the rain and that we should go down. He radioed for help and we made our way down the steep, slippery slopes of the rain forest. The rain was incredible and there was absolutely no point in trying to stay dry. By the time we reached our hotel we were all soaking and covered in mud – great fun!!!!   

When I got in the shower, I noticed that there was something sticky in my hair and then realised it was blood. I had been leeched!! The leeach would live for a month on my blood and I got a certificate from the hotel, thanking me for donating blood to the Borneo Tiger Leeches.    

What a day!

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