M and M Dinner in Xian

¬†We had a 45 minute break at the hotel for lunch so I succumbed and had Chinese McDonalds. Then off to the Summer Palace before our late flight to Xian. Our late flight was delayed so we arrived in Xian at 8.45pm and we still had to get to the hotel and have dinner. I wasn’t bothered about dinner for myself but it was included and the clients have to have what is included. Arrived at the hotel at 10.15 and I sent the group straight through for dinner. I, in the meantime, checked the group in. It took ages and by the time I had given all the keys out and sent the luggage to the rooms, it was 11.15 p.m. – too late for dinner. I took a large gin and tonic to my room and had that with a bag of M and Ms for dinner – so much for the glaourous, jet set lifestyle of a tour guide.

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