Malaysia Day 4 – KL

Left Malacca at 10 am for KL, I would rather have set off earlier but by now I realise that while my guide for this tour is very nice, but likes late starts and early finishes. We had a city tour of KL this afternoon which was quite rushed due to the late start. One of my clients served in the army here back in 1961 and it is an emotional return for him. He requested that we visit the war monument so we did and he put his medals on for this stop. Unfortunately the heavens open and we had a real tropical storm during our stop there. Nobody was prepared for this so we all got soaked. 

Kuala Lumpur means confluence of 2 muddy rivers, but KL is anything but that now. It is a relatively new city, founded in the 1850’s and full of modern tower blocks, the most famous being the Petronas Towers or just known locally as the Twin Towers.

We walked through Chinatown and the Central Market and then checked into the hotel. The clients had a free evening (again) and tomorrow is a free day, something I am not used to but I could really do with a bit of chill out time. 

I went on the local transport, the Monorail, to an area known as Brickfields Little India this evening and 4 clients came along with me. Because Deepwali the Hindu festival of light is approaching, the area was very busy with stalls, lights, music and Indians out shopping and eating. It could be compared to going down Oxford Street on the last Friday before Christmas. It was very colourful and exciting.

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