Malaysia Day 5 – Free Day in KL

A free day on tour is very unusual, but it was quite welcome today, as I have had a heavy workload recently and could do with some time just for myself. Some people (even my friends) do think I am on a permanent holiday but as a tour guide with the responsibility of a group thousands of miles away from home, life can be tough, the work is hard, hours long and it can be very lonely. Sometimes when I wake up, I don’t even know where I am – most hotel rooms look the same. I chilled out today, spending the morning in Starbucks making use of the free WIFI and the afternoon by the hotel pool.

I met the group at 7.15 pm to go to an included Malaysian dinner and show. It was quite nice though one of my clients didn’t show up, so I was a bit worried about what had happened to him.

Tomorrow we head north to the Cameron Highlands and the tea plantations, 5000 feet above sea level.

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