Malaysia Day 6 – Hindu Temple and Cameron Highlands

First stop today were the Batu Caves, made of limestone and home to Malysia’s most sacred Hindu Temple. 272 steps lead up to the caves and the temple so some of my group couldn’t even attempt it, as they can’t walk very well. The steps are full of Maccau monkeys, aggressive horrible monkeys. I advised the clients not to make any eye contact with the monkeys or attempt to touch them as they have been known to attack humans. 

Statue of Lord Krishna and Steps to the Batu Caves


The climb was worth it and the caves and temples fascinating. A priest in the temple said blessed me and gave me a flower. 

Hindu Temple inside the Batu Caves


Lunch was included in an old colonial tudor house. Alcohol in Malaysia is very expensive, especially in the hotels. Out next hotel is really in the middle of nowhere, so I made a stop in the small town of Tanu Ratta, so the clients could pick up some supplies for their rooms at a reasonable price. 

The weather wasn’t good today, with rain and low cloud so we really missed out on some beautiful scenery as we drove up to a height of 5000 feet. 

We checked in at 4 pm and the hotel is strange – 8 blocks with noisy building work everywhere. The rooms are really cold and there is nothing to do here. I don’t drink on tour but I could do with a drink now. 

We have 2 nights here and Paul, my guide, says we will be back at the hotel around 2.30 pm tomorrow but I have told him we need to stretch the day out as, there is absolutley nothing to do here and it is very cold in the rooms.I had dinner with Paul and he had picked up a bottle of wine in town. Nobody at the hotel seemed bothered that we had brought our own booze and we got a free meal so that was ok. I felt a bit ba, as I had emailed my company about the building work without telling Paul and now his company were on to him about it. It’s all good fun!

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