Malaysia Tour Day 3 – Old Malacca

The nicest part of  old Malacca is Harmony Street – a street will a Mosque, a Hindu Temple, a Budhist Temple and a Methodist Church all within 200 yards of eachother, proving that peoples of different religions can live together in HARMONY.

Chen Hoon Temple

Trishaws - Rickshaws Malacca Style

This tour of Malaysia is very different from the rest of the tours I did this year, in that it is much slower paced and we have a lot of free time. Also not so many meals are included so the clients are free for dinner most evenings. Malacca was a great starting point for the group, easy to get around on foot or by trishaw – a kind of rickshaw with 3 wheels. The mix of cultures, races and religions is truly visible. Malays love to eat out and food is very cheap so there is an abundance of eating spots here. Food is cheap but alcohol is very expensive. Tomorrow we head to Kuala Lumpur or KL as the locals say, the capital of Malaysia.

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