Malaysia Tour Day 9 – Dangerous Trekking

Today was a tedious infuriating day for me. I could tell that the trekking was unsuitable for most of my clients and I tried to put them off but to no avail. We travelled around by boat, making several stops. First stop was for a trek to see the world’s biggest flower, the Rafflesia, and the walk was more like a climb, up a steep, muddy hill. Coming down was the most difficult and the boatman, our trekking guide and our local guide all tried to help. Just 2 clients fell and fortunately did not injure themselves.

Rafflesia Flower

Next stop was for a slightly easier trek.

We then had a picnic lunch – chicken, sandwiches and water. I had bought seaweed flavour crisps and prawn crackers at the supermarket yesterday and some lychee liqueur (£1 for a bottle). The clients seemed to enjoy these extras.

We visited the Orang Astli tribes, who live a simple life. Even there, we had an uphill, steep, muddy slope to contend.

Orang Astli Village

Orang astli Houses


Our last stop was a treacherous trek to a waterfall. Some clients fell and some were attacked by leeches.


I was happy to get back to the hotel with all of my clients intact and in one piece. The whole day was really unsuitable for my group and an accident waiting to happen.

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