Mountain pass or through the Tunnel?

The weather is absolutely beautiful and today we had a long journey from Salzburg to Lucerne in Switzerland via lovely Innsbruck and the small principality Liechtenstein.

I decided to have a really early start to make the most of the day and we managed a 3 hour stop in the Tyrolean town Innsbruck before heading west to Switzerland. The question now was whether we should drive under the mountains through a 12 mile long tunnel or take the winding mountain pass with fantastic views. This mountain pass isn’t on the programme, but it is a shame not to do it on such a beautiful day. the group loved it and my driver enjoyed driving it as opposed to a boring tunnel.

Next stop Vaduz, capital of Liechtenstein – quite a boring place but for the Americans, at least they have another country to tick off their list.

Today has been a long day and just before reaching Lucerne, we got stuck in a huge traffic jam, so didn’t reach the hotel until 8 pm.

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