Rain Rain Rain

Departed early this morning for a five-hour drive to Ranthambore and the national park. The plan is to arrive at the hotel in time to check in, have lunch and be ready for our first safari at 2.30pm. It is still raining but it will stop soon as it never rains here in the winter.

It is now 3.30pm. The first safari has been cancelled, as it still has not stopped raining. It is a big disappointment for the clients, who have travelled far and paid a lot to be here. The journey here was strange as the roads that are normally full of life, were empty. The windscreen wiper on the coach stopped working and all the windows, including the windscreen all misted up. I don’t know how my driver could see. His helper kept trying to wipe the windscreen but it just kept steaming up again.

All the roads and fields are flooded, as are the grounds of our hotel.

The clients are quite cheerful, despite the weather and cancelled safari and I have arranged a slideshow and documentary on the national park at the hotel, hosted by my guide/naturalist, Vipul.

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