So Far So Good

I knew this tour would be different and it sure is. Yesterday I had a drinks party in my room for all 21 members of the group. How did I do that? Firstly I managed to get a suite at the hotel so there was plenty of space. Next I went out in a Tuk Tuk to an English Wine shop – a shop that sells alcohol but is not English and doesn’t usually sell wine.
I ended up going to 4 different shops. Parnell Reilly decided to come with me and act as body guard as I think the group were worried about me going out alone – really great that they care. The first shop had nothing I needed. The second had Indian wine so I bought 4 bottles. I went to a third shop and left the wine in the tuk tuk so asked Parnell to be the wine guard instead of the body guard and stay with the tuk tuk to make sure the tuk tuk driver didn’t run off with the wine. This third shop had cans of beer so I bought 18 cans and the fourth shop had tonic water to go with the gin I bought at Heathrow and I bought 7 cans – actually all they had.
The party went well and they all had a great time – it was a real ice breaker. ALL the booze was consumed – every last drop of alcohol and my room was left full of empty bottles and cans.
After that we all went to the Chinese restaurant on the 20th floor. And finished up in Henry’s Bar.
I left at 12.30 and most of the group were still there.

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  1. Michelle + Martine and families says:

    Dad does have his uses!

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